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Monthly Archives: June 2011

My “Bucket List”

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So I guess we’ve all got one whether we’ve put down on paper or not. We all know those things we’d like to do before we “kick the bucket”.  Here are mine:

1. Experience olympian-type physical fitness. I just want to know what it feels like for my body to be running at its optimum level… how humans are supposed to live.

2. Adopt a spider monkey and name him Ampersand after the one in the comic ‘Y The Last Man’. I’m certain he will be so well-trained that at some point he’ll save my life or, at the very least, keep me wildly entertained.

3. Run a marathon. I guess just to know I’m able. I think there’s a lot of psychological endurance in marathon runners as well as physical stamina.

4. Hold my grandchild. This one’s not up to me but it’s still something I’d like to do before I die.

5. Get a degree….in anything. I just want to say, “SEE! I can’t SPELL but I can sure as hell LEARN!”

6. Go to an archeological dig anywhere in the world. I’d be happy if I found a little bowl or something. I wonder what the future generations might find from my home?

7. Go to every continent. I’d LIKE to go to every country but I just don’t know if that’ll be possible without a BOAT LOAD of cash.

8. Make a BOAT LOAD of cash.

9. Publish ANYTHING.

10. Become such a great cook that I’ll have no more use for my cookbooks.

11. Buy a home…with a tree.

12. Learn to play my guitar. It’s currently in another country, sitting in the basement of my mother’s house. I guess that one will take some time. Who am I kidding?? ALL of these are going to take some time!

13. Buy a boat…with a captain.

14. Take that boat through every available water way.

15. Go through the Amazon with Bear Grylls! Yeeeesss!

16. Take an Alaskan cruise and watch the whales.

17. Eat Indian food in India.

18. Master another language. I can hardly say I’m fluent in Italian even though I live in Italy. It’s HARD man! One day I’ll get it but for now I’m more at intermediate level.

19. Eat one of those $200 hamburgers here:   Oh man, I’m hungry just looking at that juicy goodness..mmmmmmmmmm

20. Obtain some kind of life time pass for a first class seat on every flight I take. Seriously, the difference is HUGE….WORLDS apart, I’m telling you.

21. Have a little mini farm. Some chickens for eggs, a cow for milk and cheese (hey! I’ve milked a cow before! Pfffft! This chick gets things DONE), some lambies just because they’re sweet, a collie (right? what other dog belongs on a farm?), and a barn so I can jump out the loft onto a pile of hay.

22. Go snorkeling in Australia.

23. Be happy.

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