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Can I be a VEGAN??

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I’m not against eating meat. I love anything I can throw on the grill and generally take my steaks a little bloody. I’m a total carnivore or at least omni-. Giving up meat is something I’ve never really given serious thought until now. I just watched a video on the horrors of todays farming methods. It’s taken 10 minutes for me to stop the tears enough to write this. It was disgusting, heart breaking. I had an extremely hard time watching it but forced myself to. The cruelty is inhuman, incredibly vicious. I think that eating meat is natural for human beings but I also believe there’s a way to do it using a method that shows respect and compassion. Sure, some wild animals will rip throats out and gnaw on the faces of their prey while they’re still making sounds but that’s different. Beating a calf in the face and stomping on their heads, that’s not animal instinct. That’s…God I don’t KNOW what that is but it made me sick. If I could take a cow out, as painlessly as possible, divide the meat, tan the hide and really be grateful for what I had, that would be ideal. I don’t know if I can stomach meat that was treated the way I saw in that video. There were disturbing clips on poultry farms as well as fishing boats. Somehow the piggies and cows made the biggest impact on me. Is it shitty of me that my heart doesn’t break for fish and chickens? Well actually, I saw horrible things happen to little baby chicks. I swear that only an evil person could do what they did. How could you harm a sweet little chick?? All fluffy and adorable. Farming couldn’t always have been this way. I have always wanted a small farm of my own. Nothing that produced products for the masses but one with a few chickens for eggs, a cow for milk and piggies just because they’re so stinkin’ cute (and smart, so they say). Now I’d like it more than ever just to be able to save a few animals from the nightmare that is your mass production farm. If you’re curious about this video and want to check it out please do so knowing that it’s a gut wrenching piece. I highly recommend that you just take my word for it, it’s awful. If you’re at all sensitive, don’t watch. I feel very disturbed now having seen it. If you STILL want to see it, it’s here 

How do you feel?

Daily Observation

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Life is hard.

Parallel Universes

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Do you believe in them? I simply can’t understand how it’s possible. I’m admittedly ignorant to many topics, including science. At least to the degree that talk of dark matter and time travel evokes mere speculation rather than any kind of concrete knowledge. I enjoy pondering scientific conundrums but haven’t really had a desire to do any hard research in the field. Perhaps I should start because recently I’ve had questions that have surely been asked about our existence and been hypothesized, scrutinized, finalized by others and posted here on the world wide web. A need to look into parallel universes is absolutely growing in my curious little self. You see, the thing is this, how can there be another (or infinite other) universes out there all inhabited by a me of sorts. Not the me of here and now but numerous me’s of similar traits but with lives altered, graced, cursed, taken, rewarded by different sets of varied circumstances. I mean, I understand the idea but when I start asking questions about its probability, it gets fuzzy for me. For instance, say my mom decided to go out with friends instead of the new sailor she met. My parents never fall in love, never get married, and are never blessed with the bundle of sunshine that is baby Erin. Then I cease to exist and in that universe there is no me. So I don’t exist in EVERY universe. Perhaps I don’t exist in ANY of them but this one. So they’re not exactly “parallel”, are they? You could apply this to any two people who ever procreated and you’d have  a world whose populous differs from the universe it’s supposed to parallel. You see my problem? I’m sure someone has an answer for this. Maybe in these other worlds everyone is still born to the same parents but does that mean that all of our selves die at the same time in each universe too? Because that would cause some problems as well. In one world I drown at 15, in another I live to be 100 and have 10 kids bringing into life a babies who have no other parallel existence. So help me out here science geeks. I’m not debating whether or not parallel universes exist, I just want to know how.

What Percentage of Americans Believe in the Devil? Post-A-Day Topic 2011

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“Topic #107:

According to a Gallup Poll, nearly 70% of Americans believe in the Devil.  Do you? Why or why not? Why do you think 70% of Americans believe as they do on this issue? Do you think this number is higher or lower than other countries in the world? Why? Do you think the devil is behind the choice of this topic?” 

Interesting choice for a topic on Easter Sunday WordPress. I thought for sure the topic suggestion would be something about the origins of the Easter Bunny or the credibility of a human resurrection but no. Ok, Satan it is.  First of all, I don’t trust polls. No one came knocking on the doors of anyone I know asking if they believed in the devil so it can’t be entirely accurate. Polling the general public doesn’t necessarily represent all Americans’ beliefs but this is all beside the point. That point being Lucifer. I, sure as hell, believe. Although my belief lies not in a Ruler of All That is Dark but more in the idea of evil. I’ve experienced intensely deep penetrating fear that I feel can only come from devilry. For a period in my life I was overly interested in books of the non-fiction horror genre-The Amityville Horror, Devil in Connecticut, and Jay’s Journal to name a few. Jesus, just writing out their names has given me a twinge of apprehension. I truly believe that seriously scary stuff has happened to people. Stuff they couldn’t explain by any other means but to call it evil. My acceptance of a dark side is why I’d NEVER touch a Ouija board. Never…ever….ever. Who knows what’s just lurking around us waiting to come through the first door that’s opened, usually by some stupid highschool kid.

As far as what I think about how many Americans believe in the devil versus other countries, I really don’t know. I think 70% is pretty high actually. I think it’s a lot easier for people to believe in the devil than in God. Evil in the world is much more recognizable, it gets more attention. A vicious murder gets the front page, a miraculous recovery is somewhere near the back. It’s as if we expect things to be good, like that’s the way things SHOULD be. For me, things just are. There is no should or shouldn’t. That’s why you should be grateful when things are running smoothly. It’s a gift. Things get ugly real quick and we get so upset and talk about what’s fair. Well life’s not fair and there’s a struggle going on and whether it’s between God and Satan or simply good and evil, I don’t know. The cartoons with a devil one shoulder and an angel on the other aren’t so far from the truth of what we go through on a daily basis.

Do I think the devil is behind the choice of this topic? Unless Scott Berkun of The Daily Post at WordPress has started this whole post-a-day challenge for the sole reason of positioning this topic 107 topics into it just to get everyone to write about the devil in an attempt to give it power, no, I don’t think the devil is behind the choice of this topic. The devil’s internet connection probably isn’t strong enough to keep up with what’s going on at WordPress everyday anyway.

Forget 2012, When Do You Think The World Will End? Post-A-Day 2011

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Who knows? I know that MY world will end when I die. Now for those who believe in reincarnation that can be tricky. The world as you know it ends but then you’re right back in a womb ready to be born into a whole new life, beginning your world view all over again. Or perhaps your beliefs have something to do with taking up space in heaven for awhile, living in a paradise of biblical dimensions, before choosing which life you’d like to live and what lessons you want from that lifetime. Either way, your world continues infinitely.

I don’t subscribe to the idea that the world will end in December 2012. The ones who do are basing it on interpretations of vague prophecy or a thousands year old Mayan calendar which has been proven to mark the end of their calendar keeping cycle of 3000 years. Exactly how we end our cycle every 12 months, also in December. If they were still around they’d simply start over just like we do every New Year’s Day. Nothing too mystical about that. Any other debate you might want to have can be countered here by Neil deGrasse Tyson-I seriously love this guy. Smart AND funny…ahhh DREAMY!

So with all the 2012 stuff out-of-the-way, when do I really think the world will end? I don’t think it’ll be in my lifetime (the one I’m currently living). I would love to see the world-as-I-know-it end. Obviously for the better. Or maybe take a New Age turn. Like suddenly everyone is opened to a world of pure knowledge and ability, able to use our maximum brain capacity with the outcome being increased aptitude in telepathy, ESP, MAGIC! Oh I’d love for some magic to come into my life. To know that there really is a powerful energy out there working through us, making things happen.

Whatever causes our end, I believe there will in fact BE an end. I mean, the dinosaurs were here for millions of years. Millions. You’d think after that long, they would have been here to stay. Then POOF they’re gone. Humans? A couple hundred thousand years. NOTHING compared to the prehistoric timeline. My point is that we can become extinct tomorrow or in a billion years from now, but chances are, it’ll happen. One thing that I think will remain is the planet itself. So in the end, it’s not the end of the world, just the end of us.

Why So…Grey? Post-A-Day 2011

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Today I saw the most dismal pair of people on the planet. They were the epitome of drab. I’d call them a couple but that would imply some sort of togetherness, camaraderie and there was nothing so meaningful in the appearance of these two. Let me say here that today was one of those bright Spring days full of birds song and budding flowers. The sun was feeling warm and the breeze from the sea was perfect. It was a flawless morning. Joyful simply for the life buzzing all about. I was thinking of the summer months to come, images of fresh coconut just sinking in when I was suddenly faced with these two awful figures. They literally stopped me in my tracks. Amongst all the colorful characters of the morning they were so very noticeable and in such a very bad way. They were “older”, perhaps in their 70’s. Even though they were a man and a woman they shared an almost identical haircut-longish on top, tapered at the neck, boyish. Their hair was grey, all of it, both of them, flat grey. They wore matching eyeglasses of the round variety with black frames. Each had on a grey suit which was the very color of their hair, with white button down shirts-the woman in a calf length skirt, the man in slacks. Both wore simple black shoes and walked with the same gait-a slow but steady sort of shuffle. They could’ve been twins, they were even the same height. I’d never seen so much grey in color and demeanor in my entire life. Their mouths were pin-straight lines of boredom. I thought, Christ! What makes people like this happy?? They need a little color in their life! I then gave myself permission to completely  lose my mind when I’m older. Lose the constraints, the inhibitions, the self-consciousness. When I’m 70 I want to wear costume jewelry, insanely big hats, a rainbow of colors and patterns that have no business being together. Other than when you’re 5 when else can you really do this and get away with it? The old have an opportunity to really shove it the younger generations’ faces. They’ve been through so much that social rules on how to express themselves just shouldn’t apply. If I feel the “grey” start creeping into my soul as I age I’ll have to remember my encounter today and grab a feather boa and be off!

Your phone, laptop, tab, ipad and desktop are dead. Will you make it through a normal working day and evening? What would you miss the most? Post-a-Day 2011

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I’m a stay-at-home-mom so my need for electronic communication devices is minimal. Until Eva needs a microchip implanted in her skull so I know where she is at all times, I won’t really require them at all. She’s only 20 months old so I won’t be looking into that for at least another 11 years or so.

I would be able to go about my day in peace. No one calling to chat, no reason to consult the internet on some question I have, no emails to reply to. I would have a lot more time on my hands, I know that. In fact, I should TRY to do without these things a few times a week just to be able to get more done. With Summer time coming, I’ll be doing without many of my electro-friends simply due to the fact that we’ll be outside more. We have no air conditioning so daily trips to the beach are a must.

I would miss my computer if I didn’t have it at all but for ONE DAY nothing about my day would change much. My cell phone I would miss the most. I really only talk to my husband on it but we stay in almost constant contact…..perhaps I could do without that too.

And let me say I was totally joking about the microchip. We’ve already decided to lock her in the attic and home school her.


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I want to write this blog because I’m having fun doing it. I’ve been searching for an outlet and this suits me perfectly. I would love to do something only for the pure joy of doing it but I just couldn’t resist the temptation to research ways on how to monetize my blog. I know, it seems a little too soon right?  I mean this is only my third post, what am I expecting, RICHES?? No, I’m not. Although that would be freakin’ awesome. I was only curious as to how I’d go about it if I ever had enough traffic through here to make it worth my efforts. I found the usual links to Adsense and various other advertising placement sites but I also came across a fellow who just straight up asks for donations. At first I thought, “Christ man, way to go begging the general public to keep your blogging butt fed. Loser” but the idea started to grow on me. I went back to his article and read in more detail why he felt he was entitled to ask for a donation and, surprisingly, he made sense. He was dedicating full-time hours (which I admittedly don’t do) to providing the public with useful tips, insight, and support on a number of topics and doing it all for free. He asked for donations and only those people who felt they were able and he was deserving, would click the button. Everyone’s happy. No one’s taken for a ride. All on the up and up. I guess I just thought there wouldn’t be enough people who’d really just GIVE money away if they weren’t being charged and it wasn’t going to a charity. I may try it one day but by that time this post will be so far down the line that no one will know of my hesitation in adding the donation link. Perhaps they’ll think of me how I thought of that guy or maybe, maybe they’ll feel like sharing the wealth. Here’s to hope.

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