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Jersey Shore In Italy?

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The guidos are making their way to the motherland. Am I happy about this? Sure, why not? Everyone has the desire to explore their roots and although two of the cast  members aren’t of Italian heritage, they were brought up in the Italian/American culture so whatever. I was a follower of the show for the first couple of seasons. It was hard not to find the antics amusing and I often related to the debauchery that took place. Oh the partying this mama did once upon a time…. About half way into the third season I just couldn’t stomach it any longer. It was the same thing day in, day out. After a while it just got too predictable. Oh, there they go to the club. And yes, there’s Snooki getting wasted. Jenni’s boobs are still anti-gravity. Ron and Sammi are fighting. Vinny’s, well, Vinny. Pauly’s being the nice guy of the situation and the Situation himself is being a douche. Sorry Sitch, you’re just a bit full of yourself for my taste.

I think you could put any group of people together in a house and get the public to watch. Maybe some groups would last longer than others but my point is that looking into someone else’s personal life is intriguing. Through television we’re able to see strangers interact, grow friendly, start to resent, forgive, get intimate, punch each other. It’s a human circus and people love it. Any of us who watch it, we’re all just big peeping Toms with the consent of the cast and program producers. Pervs.

Anyway, I’ve no idea where in Italy they’ll be filming but I’m assuming it’ll be in one of the bigger cities. I just can’t see them all trying to make their way around a small medieval town in their bling, silicon, hair gel and Ed Hardy asking in ENGLISH where the nearest nightclub is. Although that would be awesome and I’d DEFINITELY be tuning in. I wonder if they’ve heard the term “culture shock” because they’re in for it.

Post-A-Week Photo Challenge Topic: Round

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I really need to turn off that time stamp. I like having it there for family photos so I know exactly when they were taken (and WILL know in the future) but for stuff like this it just looks bad. I still like the photo though and am using the arch of the branches as my interpretation of  “round”. This was a path that led all through a forest and down along this lake:

It was a lovely day 🙂

Make a top ten list of favorite things to do you haven’t done in over a year Post-A-Day Topic 107

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Oh MAN there are a lot of things I haven’t done (that I love doing) in over a year! Mostly due to my mommy status but also because I’m living in a foreign country and still don’t have the confidence to get around and get out there like I do when I’m home. Ok top 10:

1. Go to a concert-I love live music and really there are a lots of music genres that are kid friendly enough to take the whole family. I can totally do this, I just need to find the music…and get a driver’s licence. Which brings me to number two…

2. Drive-I used to love driving. I would go for long drives to the lake, mountains, or just around town. Here in Italy, I don’t drive. I never learned to drive a stick-shift and learning in this crazy environment has proven pretty difficult for me. Automatics are just not that common here. In fact, I have yet to see one although I’m told they exist. Italians are crazy drivers, very aggressive and uncaring of how the laws state you should actually drive. The more time that goes by, the harder it will be for me. As it is, more than 2 years have passed and I’ve only taken a short trip around the block. In America I drove across states, through blizzards, deserts, mountains, everything. Here I have a hard time turning left. Pfft.

3. Eat Indian food-Italian food is great but when it’s all there is, you get used to it. In the bigger Italian cities like Rome, for example, you can find all kinds of awesome ethnic fare but here in Pescara, it’s just not happening. Indian food is a favorite of mine and I miss it quite a bit.

4. Fit into my size 6 jeans-I WILL get into you jeans, Oh yes, I will wear you again!

5. Drink a mojito on a sweltering Italian Summer evening-How I skipped this last Summer is impossible for me to answer. I was just too busy coraling my youngster I guess. I’ll just have to have a double this time 😉

6. Ride on a boat-It’s been AGES since I was on  boat. The last time was in the Summer of 2006. I have a thing for bodies of water so of course floating on one is a great way for me to spend a day….or 10

7. Go fishing-it’s not really the fishing part I like so much, although I’m a GREAT fisher(wo)man, but more the whole day spent outside with a picnic lunch and drinks in a cooler, ahhhhhhhhh

8. Fly-I actually hate flying, I just like going places. I need a vacation!

9. Drink a proper chocolate malt milkshake-mmmmmmmm milk shake. Pfffft what do Italians know about milkshakes?? Nothing! That’s what!

10. Sleep in-Wait….What is that? Did I just type that?? I think I know that term but I’m not real sure……


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Do you ever have the feeling you’re not at all where you should be? If it weren’t for the perfection of my little monkey I would be thinking I’d taken a wrong turn in Albuquerque. I think it has a lot to do with trying to feel at home in another country. I don’t know how so many people are able to do it. Able to find their place among all the…foreigness. Sometimes I wish I could just pack up and head home, tonight is one of those times. It’s not that I’m unable to be away from my family and friends. That part does get difficult but it’s more about just being home. Nowhere outside of America feels quite like home to me. I’ve never really been too patriotic, not caring much for politics but I do know that I miss the way the sky looks in Western America, how the feeling of infancy as a country brought a sense that everything was possible. Here, the sun doesn’t hit the leaves in the same way, the birds’ song-unusual. Here it’s just…different. I wasn’t raised here, consequently I have no memories here or at least very few. Having given birth to my baby here helped a lot with my feelings of displacement. Wherever she is, there is love. But every now and again I want to have her with me where I grew up, where I remember celebrating holidays with the people who know me best. My family. My friends. I know that years will pass and wherever I am it will feel more and more like home. In fact, most days I don’t even think about it. It’s just sometimes, once in a blue moon, I’m homesick.

Lunedi’ di Pasqua

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Italians celebrate the Monday after Easter with almost more enthusiasm than Easter itself. Also called Pasquetta, the Monday of Easter (Lunedi di Pasqua) is often a more relaxed sort of gathering and generally held outside. I could’ve completely foregone Sunday lunch at the packed little restaurant we ended up eating at with 12 members of my husband’s family. The food was overpriced and the service was incredibly slow. How they planned to serve a full house with only two waiters in any kind of orderly fashion is beyond me. The entire time we spent there was more of a hassle than a pleasure so after 3 hours of being there and still not having been served our entire meal, we left. My little girl can handle restaurants pretty well but that amount of time is really pushing the limits of a toddler’s patience.

I woke up today (Pasquetta) hoping for good times and that’s exactly what I got. And even though the day wasn’t sunny, I was. We’d planned to go to a lake about and hour away for a picnic and we were almost rained out but we were determined to get there and at least check out the area before calling the whole thing off. Turned out to be one of the best times I’ve had in months. There were a few sprinkles when we first arrived but not enough to keep us in the car. We unpacked our lunch and games and joined the other people who had decided to brave the conditions in the name of springtime fun. After eating we went on a long walk through the woods on a path made of slim wooden planks. It twisted its way through the trees and along a serene blue-green lake that mirrored the opposite shore beautifully. Oh my little one nearly lost her mind with excitement, a smile wide as her little face would stretch plastered in place the entire time. She danced, she sang, she called back to the frogs. She was in heaven. Nature has a way of affecting most people in a very meaningful way. I, myself, find a peacefulness not duplicated anywhere else when I’m in a natural setting. The path we took led to clearing in the forest where we found a few large groups of people in their 20’s and 30’s, cooking, playing soccer and listening to loud music. Perfect! We set up shop there for awhile, blowing bubbles and running in circles after my little monkey. By this time the rain had stopped completely and we were just soaking up the atmosphere. Afterwards we went to the lake’s shore where we threw a few pinecones and chased down other little kids my baby wanted to give kisses to. She’s a sucker for the youngsters.

On the way home she slept and the rest of us talked about what a perfect day it was. I’ll always remember today, the look on my baby’s face as she ran free in the wilderness, the tranquility. It was lovely. I want to go back as soon as we can.

We’re off To Rome!!!

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We’re leaving today for Rome to apply for my baby’s Report of Birth Abroad (American Birth Certificate), Social Security Card, and PASSPORT! 20 months old and she’s going to have a passport…crazy. We’ve already done all her Italian paperwork, minus the Passport so I wanted to make sure she got all her American stuff out-of-the-way as well. Sometimes being a foreigner has me feeling pretty lonely. Often I long to talk face-to-face with a fellow countryman. It was really bothering me that not even my own daughter was of the same nationality so my husband thought that certifying her citizenship as well as spending a couple days in Rome would be a great birthday present for me. He was right!  I really can’t imagine my little monkey in front of the coliseum, ha. She’s so young and it’s so…ancient. Maybe there is where I can take my photoaweek photo for this week’s challenge-topic: old. This really jacks up my postaday 2011 agreement so I guess I’ll be doing double posts for a few days to catch up.

I wanted to share this information with you so you’d know why I won’t be posting for a few days. I’ll be back the 14th to blog, blog away so DON’T FORGET ABOUT ME!!! Come back and read all I’ve got to say about our little adventure, until then au revoir!

Post A Week Photo Challenge Topic: Light

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A nearby vineyard

This is an attempt to join in the post-a-week photo challenge. It’s an older photo but I’ve always loved it and thought it fit well with the theme. Next week I’ll try to take a new photo and I’ll turn off that ugly time stamp. Sorry.

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