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The Meaning of Dreams

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What do dreams mean really? Are they simply a playground for the mind while the body is unconscious or is there more to them? Some people believe they are the essence of truth…the truth according to the dreamer. They are our unspoken desires, masked motivations. There are books, websites, even professions dedicated to the interpretation of them. I would like to believe they hold the key to my inner self or at least provide a peek. I have difficulty figuring myself out and find it infinitely easier to analyze my dreamscape than my reality. I have incredibly vivid realistic dreams. They often have a beginning, middle and end which I’m told is unusual. That’s not to say that UNusual things don’t happen. They do. Every time I run in a dream I start on my two legs then drop down to use my arms as well. I can really haul ass that way, using my legs I go at a snail’s pace. I have lots of recurring characteristics. I have superhuman strength, always. When fighting in a dream I generally swing people by their hair and beat them against the ground repeatedly. Brutal right? Well in my dreams they’re definitely the bad guys. No matter what role I’m in, I’m always me. I may look different at times but I’m always the me I know myself to be and I generally look fantastic. Hey, it’s MY dream. Also, I’m never without my baby. Of course that’s only been since I had her but ever since, she’s with me even in dreamland although sometimes I’m searching for her. I have one recurring dream although it’s been awhile since the last one. I lose all my teeth, bit by crackling little bit while looking into a filthy mirror in a filthier bathroom. I spit them out into a blood coated sink and stare horrified at myself. Not looking so fantastic in that one. According to the website it means this: “One theory is that dreams about your teeth reflect your anxieties about your appearance and how others perceive you.” Perhaps I’m just not as concerned about that anymore..good.

What I really hope is true about dreams is that they are REAL. An actual dimension for our innermost selves to explore and be genuinely free. A space where we can meet with other dreamers and interact in a way that’s clearly impossible in our body-bound reality. That would be, magic. Dreams would be QUITE meaningful if this were the case. Think about it…when your spirit’s set free, what does it choose to do? Without inhibitions, without physical or mental limitations, without consequences…what would you do, who would spend your time with?

What do you think? Do dreams really mean anything or is a cigar just a cigar?


Lucid Dreaming Post a Day 2011

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Oh what I would do if I could have a lucid dream…….

My life revolves around my daughter so naturally she’d be with me. I’d be able to communicate with her and her with me through thoughts alone. I’d visit all the people I’m always thinking of but can’t reach. We’d sit on the breeze and drink moonlight, we’d laugh music and wear sunshine.

I’d be surrounded by an ever-changing panorama of spectacular beauty: Impossibly deep ravines, the home to rivers colored the blue-green of tranquility, lined with greenery so vibrant and bold that it seems an artist’s paintbrush gave it life against the backdrop of the fiery sand and rock; Primeval forests of alien vegetation and mist with 100 rainbows each touching down into wells of liquid hope; Mountains reaching the stratosphere, icy and crystalline, calling for the remembrance of lost ideas and forfeited loved ones. I’d explore, venture through, over, under, around, and back.

I’d be a two-headed dragon, riding a rocket of light traveling as fast as. I’d exit our galaxy and meet otherworldly civilizations. Eat their food, speak their language. I’d befriend giant jungle cats and stroke their cubs and hunt their meals.

I’d split into as many pieces that make up each cell of my being and ride a tornado then dissipate and scatter myself to the four corners. I’d die.

And then….wake up.

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