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Blog blogging!

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Blog Blogging!

Blog blog.


Post-A-Day Challenge Gone Awry

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I know I signed up for the challenge to blog every single day and I fully intended on conquering that challenge and making it all the way through 2012 as well (assuming the world doesn’t end by then). But here I am, all geared up to apologize to those of you who follow the little I have to say here on WordPress. So I’m sorry, really I am. I can see you all shifting your interests away from my half hazard attempt to post something every day. My once soaring stats are down in the ditches.

Let me try to explain what’s happened. Life. We had our little trip to Rome where I didn’t have computer access and honestly, anyone who can’t get away for a few days without their computer has a much grander life than little ole’ me. Next came my birthday and blogging just didn’t fit in between glasses of wine and grilled meat. Mmmmmm…MEAT. Oh yeah, then for the rest of the week my husband was on vacation and God bless him, I get NOTHING done when he’s around. We’re usually off somewhere doing things we never get a chance to do together since he works 6 days a week and instead of writing I watched movies and hung out with him. His last day of vacation was Monday. That morning we found out our friend and neighbor had passed away. Devestating news. We live in an apartment building and she was in the one right next to us. We shared walls. We chatted on our balconies while hanging our clothes. We borrowed and loaned sugar. We took walks together. We ate together. I could hear when her baby was crying in the night. I could hear her older son pout about bedtime. She was a very sweet, very simple kind of woman. Didn’t need anything fancy, loved her family, loved to cook and was a wonderful friend. She died of pancreatic cancer, she was only 35.  Her youngest son only 6 months old. So so sad. A tragedy. Hers was the 2nd funeral I’d ever been to. It was standing room only which is a pretty good indicator of what people thought of her. It’s taken a few days for me to regain some control over my emotions. I cried a lot and ate even more. Apparently that’s how I deal with such news. Death makes a lot of people want to call everyone they care for and tell them how much they love them. It was different for me. After the shock, I felt that life was passing me by. I was reminded of how finite our time here is and how much more I want to do. Ironically, my new favorite T.V. show is called Dexter. It’s about a serial killer and it’s awesome. In the last episode there was a man who repeatedly said, “Tick Tick Tick, that’s the sound of your life running out”. And now I can actually hear it.

So wanted to say, I’m back on track now and you can count on me to post every single day from now on. Unless life happens agian….


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I want to write this blog because I’m having fun doing it. I’ve been searching for an outlet and this suits me perfectly. I would love to do something only for the pure joy of doing it but I just couldn’t resist the temptation to research ways on how to monetize my blog. I know, it seems a little too soon right?  I mean this is only my third post, what am I expecting, RICHES?? No, I’m not. Although that would be freakin’ awesome. I was only curious as to how I’d go about it if I ever had enough traffic through here to make it worth my efforts. I found the usual links to Adsense and various other advertising placement sites but I also came across a fellow who just straight up asks for donations. At first I thought, “Christ man, way to go begging the general public to keep your blogging butt fed. Loser” but the idea started to grow on me. I went back to his article and read in more detail why he felt he was entitled to ask for a donation and, surprisingly, he made sense. He was dedicating full-time hours (which I admittedly don’t do) to providing the public with useful tips, insight, and support on a number of topics and doing it all for free. He asked for donations and only those people who felt they were able and he was deserving, would click the button. Everyone’s happy. No one’s taken for a ride. All on the up and up. I guess I just thought there wouldn’t be enough people who’d really just GIVE money away if they weren’t being charged and it wasn’t going to a charity. I may try it one day but by that time this post will be so far down the line that no one will know of my hesitation in adding the donation link. Perhaps they’ll think of me how I thought of that guy or maybe, maybe they’ll feel like sharing the wealth. Here’s to hope.

So here we are! Where are we?

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If you’ve read the About Me section, you already know a bit, well, about me. If not, you will soon. I’ve got a lot I want to share and an itch to share it with the general public. Lucky you! I’m totally new to blogging and WordPress seems, awesome. I am literally in awe of the massive amount of STUFF you can do on this site. I’m currently making my way through a shit load of tutorial videos on what the hell a ‘widget’ is and how to use my ‘dashboard’. Pfft. This is going to take some time. Perhaps I should have waited until everything was tip-top on my blog presentation before I started letting my fingers fly but like I said, I’ve got an itch. So here we are! Reading, writing, generally wasting time. Yay! I’m sure there’s a topic section I should list this blog under like ‘Food’ which this is obviously not about but you get my point. Whatever, I’ll find it. Until then kiddies, drink your Ovaltine.

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