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Daily Archives: May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day

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In honor of Mother’s Day, this mommy is going to take this time while her little monkey is sleeping soundly to kickback and read a bit before going to bed early. I enjoy blogging but tonight I really just want to dive into this new thriller I started and get into someone else’s writing instead of writing myself.

So HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you beautiful super-mamas out there in blogville. You are what makes the world go round!!


Jersey Shore In Italy?

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The guidos are making their way to the motherland. Am I happy about this? Sure, why not? Everyone has the desire to explore their roots and although two of the cast  members aren’t of Italian heritage, they were brought up in the Italian/American culture so whatever. I was a follower of the show for the first couple of seasons. It was hard not to find the antics amusing and I often related to the debauchery that took place. Oh the partying this mama did once upon a time…. About half way into the third season I just couldn’t stomach it any longer. It was the same thing day in, day out. After a while it just got too predictable. Oh, there they go to the club. And yes, there’s Snooki getting wasted. Jenni’s boobs are still anti-gravity. Ron and Sammi are fighting. Vinny’s, well, Vinny. Pauly’s being the nice guy of the situation and the Situation himself is being a douche. Sorry Sitch, you’re just a bit full of yourself for my taste.

I think you could put any group of people together in a house and get the public to watch. Maybe some groups would last longer than others but my point is that looking into someone else’s personal life is intriguing. Through television we’re able to see strangers interact, grow friendly, start to resent, forgive, get intimate, punch each other. It’s a human circus and people love it. Any of us who watch it, we’re all just big peeping Toms with the consent of the cast and program producers. Pervs.

Anyway, I’ve no idea where in Italy they’ll be filming but I’m assuming it’ll be in one of the bigger cities. I just can’t see them all trying to make their way around a small medieval town in their bling, silicon, hair gel and Ed Hardy asking in ENGLISH where the nearest nightclub is. Although that would be awesome and I’d DEFINITELY be tuning in. I wonder if they’ve heard the term “culture shock” because they’re in for it.

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