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If you could master any skill instantly, what would it be?

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This is a tough one. There are so many things I’d love to be able to do. I have a list a mile long on what I’d fill my days with if money weren’t a factor. I’d sign up for just about every lesson under the sun-from cooking to yoga, from-tap dance to pottery. Why not? I’d love to create. Well I DID create a human, no easy thing, and she’s the coolest thing in a diaper so I guess I’m already an artist. When forced to narrow it down to just one skill, I’m torn between two things.

One: I want to kick major butt. Not boxing or Ultimate Fighting but the kind of fighting on Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. That style that is surly mystical and perhaps magical but always lethal. A style so graceful that it would be a dance if not for the bleeding afterwards. I’m not out for vengeance or anything and I’m not quite sure where I’d use this skill but just knowing I could would be awesome. I’d be one hell of a protector for my little girl too. That would feel great.

Two: I want to learn how to be a world-class guitar player of that plucking Spanish style that is so soulful and romantic. I want to pick up my instrument and tell a story. One beautiful and full of love and adventure. I want to make my baby dance. How fulfilling it would be to let everything out through complicated fingerwork producing a melody for the people around you as well as yourself.

So, what will it be…..

I’m gonna’ have to go with number two. After writing about each I found myself picturing a scene at home with my family and I was happy, not showing my impressive double flip handstand cross kick, but playing music, loving and laughing.


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I've got a lot to say. I guess that's why most people start a blog, right? They've got thoughts, ideas, gripes, whatever, that they feel they must share with the world. Kind of egotistical, no? I mean, who's really going to read this? Am I so interesting that I can hold your attention over the rest of the world wide web? Strange to think that it could be possible. If you've read this far, you should know a little 'about me' as this portion is titled. Ok so, I live in Central Italy with my husband and daughter. He's an Italian citizen, I'm an American citizen which makes our baby...doomed, as well has a dual citizen. The cultures do more than clash. They kick, bite, and beat the crap out of eachother. You have to have a very worldly outlook to marry someone from another country. People around the world are raised very differently from one another. What's perfectly normal in one area of the world is cause for major concern in another. I stand in front of the fan to cool off when it's August and the heat is insane and the humidity keeps you sticky 24 hours a day. My husband is convinced I've some sort of superhuman powers to not have caught some serious illness by doing this. Sound senseless, it is. Italians are full of ridiculous beliefs that hold no ground outside the land of make-believe and nut-cases. But who am I to tell anyone that the sayings of their great-great-great Aunt Maria are bullshit? So I just listen and nod. Well that brings you a bit up to speed on my current situation, yeah? Ok so, read me blog now kiddies. Toodaloo!

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